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Who can attend this workshop?

People who want to learn basics of photography and camera functionalities . (shutter speed and aperture , ISO ,etc) & want to achieve perfect exposure in only 2 shots .

Number of days?

1 day or 2 days depending on number of students. (only on weekends)

Contents of this workshop?

1) What is DSLR? parts and working

2) Aperture and effects

3) Shutter speed and effects

4) ISO and effects

5) Light metering

6) Exposure modes

(i) Manual mode

(ii) Aperture priority mode

(iii) Shutter priority mode

8) Release modes

9) Metering modes

10) Focusing modes

11) White balance

12) Exposure compensation

13) Quality of images

14) Equipments to buy

15) Types of photography and ease chart


Rangoli metro art center
MG Road
Bangalore, Karnataka